Beate van Garderen (2022) App using speech technology to practice gender neutral  pronouns.

Many people still have to get used to gender-neutral pronouns, such as they/them. Beate van Garderen, Communication and Multimedia Design student, was familiar with these pronouns, but when she really wanted to apply them in conversations, it didn’t go smoothly. This is how she came up with the idea to develop a speech app that allows you to practice with gender-neutral pronouns, so that it feels natural in real life. For example, Beate created an interface for the new speech app, called ‘Talking Pronouns’. In this app, you can enter a name of someone you practice for – for example, “Robin” – and the gender-neutral pronouns that person uses. Then you tak about everyday things that this person experiences.

Jan Hoogkamer (2022) App with LHBTIQ+ stories for young people

Jan Hoogkamer, AUAS Communication and Multimedia Design student, designed an app that allows young people to scroll through videos of transgender or non-binary peers. The app is intended for young people who grow up in an environment where you cannot naturally be open about gender identity questions. “Other people’s stories have helped me accept myself.” Jan developed an app, with Tiktok as an example, with short videos of young people who have questioned their gender identity, and have accepted themselves.